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Talented and caring people in the breed Barbet

cc2015Yesterday, for birthday girl Coccolina, at the top of a line of nearly or (more?) than 700 Barbets, it was a normal day…with many extra hugs and kisses sent from all over the world.

Thank you for your kind wishes.We have so many people of good will who care for our breed, sometimes it’s overwhelming when you think of what goes on.


Game Fair 2015, la suite!

I was contacted by a very nice person yesterday who said he saw me in the Seasons video below. A grand moment..I have become a star…( haha). Nice place, very hot and walking around with 4 dogs, even well behaved was not easy. It was extremely crowded and dusty, and they were as usual, real troopers, the dogs, I am talking about.

If you go to 27.22 you will see me very briefly next to some nice/normal people who did (accept to) talk to me while I was there. The others had been told to turn their nose up and snarl.They did well at it, but it was not their first go. Many of us remember 2012 and how they would look down at us and our dogs. We were not able to hear the snarl because they were on the other side of the ring then badmouthing all of us and easily readable by their body language and how they judge us…as usual. When you don’t shut up you are a bad person…

Well this time again, no welcome, thankyoufordrivingsofartocomeandparticipateinaclub eventwherewejustcannotfigureoutwhynoonewantstoparticipateanymore?Isitecause wedonottalkabouthowgreatyouare?

Gagme.Howaboutyoushowingyouareworthuscomingtosupportyourst—clubanddo somethingforthedogsotherthanhandlingthemandthenwewillgiveitathought?

Around a 200€ outing( hotel/gas/toll/food).Only because Barbets were invited, so savings of about 250€ for  the 7 dogs signed up.

Anyway the video is very nice and it definitely gives you a feel for how the Game Fair was. A nice event. We had to go, only because of the very nice article that Chassons.com published about the Barbet in June, and I wanted to walk around a bit to show my dogs and what a working dog looks like. We were of course not invited to the dog parade the club dogs participated in.That was only for nice membersorandbeniouiouis.




Un petit dernier avant la route, du “petit” Barbet de chasse?

Barbet_retriever_landClub du Barbet , Lagotto et autres chiens d’eau. Officiel.( vu et copié sur un media social) en date du 20 avril…
Nous avons prévu une séance d’entraînement à la chasse pour les barbets à Lamotte-Beuvron ; nous sommes actuellement en attente d’autorisation d’utilisation de gibier dans le parc….

 Et…qu’en est-il?Ou est ce “que” pour les amis du club ou ceux qui likent?




Aging dogs…

Lipoma2 LipomaGuy Guy is turning 9 this month ( already) and it is always time to make sure they feel good and can live as long as possible.

He had had this littler grease ball under his front leg. I had been keeping an eye on it, but after seeing this Labrador at the vet whith a huge scar, I decided to have GuyGuy’s taken off, after of course consulting with the vet. If you don’t know what it is:


Tomorrow we go get the stitches out and he will be all ready to be his normal self again (and go back in the water)!

Gloria: Champion…. again…YIPPIE!



Gloria two days, BOS, CACIB, CAC also became the Lithuanian winner and Lithuanian Champion.






Gloria two days, BOS, CACIB, CAC also became the Lithuanian winner and Lithuanian Champion….That’s my girl! …and she is not just a pretty face, but an awesome hunter.

If there were one, it would be me!


Stuck to you I am…


Barbet_bush_sm Barbet_Froguette_nose-sm

It’s not easy with a full curly coat to do proper work…I can understand how my cousins overseas stay with a shorter coat.I get stuck and it’s a real hassel coming undone.Pffffffffffft!

Dogs who don’t do anything have short coats and I have to have a long one! Who can explain??

Barbet and knees..


Since it is impoosible to get a straight answer out of many in France, you try to compare what is bigger or smaller than a bread box to figure things out by yourself. Not easy, but “normal” with the Barbet world in France. Everything is generally a hassel, big or small, but a hassel. While I was on my way to visit a friend in Switzerland a couple of days ago, I was listening to the radio broadcast in French (Swiss Romande). The tone was noticeably different than the French negativist tone. News were good, business was flourishing, profits were up….I was seeing so many nice, new cars driving past me, it was like being at a car show. Well, anyway.So much for that.

There appears to be a major major bad overall French attitude towards everything making it difficult to accomplish anything. We in France all know that. Business is bad, attitudes are for sh– and help is not anything to consider asking for.From anyone.
You send someone an email to ask a simple question.Very often they ignore you and don’t answer and when they do, you get an earfull of what you want but not an answer to a simple question.

We all know that the club ( with the assistance of the breeders, haha) is supposed to lower the sizes in the standard of the Barbet. Then you look at the 8th wonder of the world, ask for a size and they turn their nose up and refuse to answer. It’s quite obvious that a bread box is a bread box. Not to everyone…

We still have some lying about dog sizes..we know who they are and they have support in holding them up high-er, and higher.

I can hardly wait for the club specilaty show. I want to see if a 2/3 cms matted coat is included in the size of a dog…I asked, but got no answer.

This is me, and Ela who is not standing properly because if she were she may have been even 53, haha….I am 1.72 and not shrinking yet!