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Times flies..

I had not realized there had not been any posts for so long.. I am still every day doing “Barbet” but not always here!

Dylan Da Capo ( 14 years old) from Germany Nancy Sinatra de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre ( 3 years old)

I have something extraordinary to share with you. This is a photo taken last weekend in Finland. This is what dreams are made of. I had hoped for a long time that a picture could be taken of 2 Vieux Griffon Barbets of 2 different breeders…Just to show you they did exist before they all started looking like BIIIIIIIIIG POODLES  .. Working on keeping an old breed alive is not a money making venture, that is why you see so few. They are near extinction.

This is proof again, that the man on the moon did not just fall there and that a Barbet Modern has nothing to do with a Vieux Barbet/Authentic Barbet/ Vieux Griffon Barbet.




10th year anniversary


This site went online at the beginning of February 2006. This was the first time a site went online in ENGLISH, in France, giving information to foreigners about the breed. I no longer feed it, as it is so old!

Since then quite a bit has evolved, for better or for worse.

A lot of water under the bridge as the true history  of the breed does take a long time to move forward. What has changed? Not much and even less in its home country where the breed lacks any kind of support from officials as other breeds do in their home country. This is today as we speak.

My mission has always been ( must be the teacher in me) to make sure poeple are informed and make choices with all the right cards in their hands. I have become a reference in the breed (whether I like it or not).

So, to celebrate, I made my lovely Barbets, some liver cakes..livercake

Conclusion: if you are looking for a Barbet, do your homework. Compare information…….. compare pictures and ask questions. You will rapidly find out who is competent in the matter, be it in France or anywhere.



Ceux qui auraient envie de se lancer dans le Barbet et faire des portées?
















Que je vous dise…Il ne suffit pas d’avoir une femelle confirmée pour faire une portée et s’offrir un affixe qui fasse plus sérieux. Il faut sélectionner le mâle. Toute une histoire. Le Barbet est une race en voie de disparition, et il faut prendre la mesure de ce que ça signifie. Vous allez faire une portée pour la race? Ca veut dire?

Elle ne tient qu’à un fil depuis des années et pourtant, il y en a eu des portées…des chiens qui naissent, qui sont vendus et qui disparaissent.Vous croyez que ça a avancé le sort du Barbet?

Elever des chiots c’est socute, mais c’est 24/7( ça ne fait pas cher la minute)  ensuite les vendre à des gens sympas( du boulot)…et il faut assurer le sav aussi( encore du boulot). Il faut les vendre à un prix compétitif…donc il faut un site pour en parler et vanter les mérites du couple? Vous voyez ça comment?

Faire des expos, des concours de ci et de ça. Vous avez calculé le temps?

Répondre à des questions sur la race et son histoire et en parler et expliquer le pourquoi du comment, et le poil et l’entretien et tout et tout. Envoyer les gens se renseigner sur le site du club? Se renseigner au club? Le club ne répond qu’aux questions des membres et en privé.

C’est beaucoup de travail, et bien se demander si ça en vaut vraiment la peine car si jamais vous en faites des super beaux, vous devenez une menace pour les autres..

Maintenant, si vous en faites pour en garder, c’est autre chose et cela devient intéressant car vous allez faire de la sélection, sur des critères qui vous sont propres…donc, une échéance de plusieurs années.

Vous avez toujours envie de toutes ces astreintes? C’est que vous avez ça dans le sang.

Good luck!


It takes years of selection to get to this result!


Toubodon Glorious in Finland (aka Lumo)





Outdoors Je suis Charlie, in Holland

Delwy_BarbetVon Springbell Edelweiss aka Delwy in     Switzerland…they have a common denominator…Coccolina! Lovely Coccolina.Thought you’d enjoy them.

She grew and grew and now…time to have a litter!

I am proud and happy to announce that Outdoors Abergavennie aka Vennie,  who comes from the Netherlands  should be having a litter this year…she is extremely complementary to the Barbets I have raised here in the past of which there are many champions and working dogs.

Vennie is gentle, fun, playful, very attentive and loving. She loves water and is extremely obedient.

A hips, no PRA. 54 cms 19.5 kgs. Best Puppy Clubshow 2013.

Barbet_Vennie _profile2_2015Barbet_VswimBarbet_Vennie_head2_15_sm







Her mate will be

French Lover de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre who has already fathered a very typical “Vieux Barbet”  type litter, growing very nicely.eye

Brabet_Froggy_profileB hips 59 cms 27 kgs SCC selection grid 4/6.

Eyes: no PRA Son of Compay II who has reproduced himself several excellent typed Barbets and grandson of Coccolina who is mother, grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother of nearly 550 pups living around the world. All known for excellent character and temperament.

I am looking forward to their pups to continue the Barbet en Bresse line started in 2006.

For more info: mollymae@wanadoo.fr



BICP part 2 : landwork Gouy St André 2014


marthaGo west and discover the scenery and the sky! 6PM and the sky was really that dark. Dogs had spent the day in the car and needed to run a bit…They are not working, but relaxing and sniffing…


This is what we saw!



The next day was again very interesting( like last year’s working trials)…after the usual water work, we had an extremely nice and interested in the breed judge who was very supportive with the fact I was trying to see how far the Barbet could go. He saluted my initiative and we proceeded to see what the Barbet could do. This year, pointing in sugarbeets did not happen nor did she quarter, too much open space. BUT she got 4/4 for “nose” 4/4 for retrieving on land and was applauded by everyone watching…I was really happy about everything that happened that day! People were happy to see how new breeds could work. Refreshing positiveness


That is my Froguette!Watch her and her supernose!