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Need to get crackin’ again…

I need to tell you about the Dutch Club show, which was a real delight…a wonderful and pleasant day. You want club spirit and nice people, well: that’s where you could find it!

Hoewever, I got sidetracked…

I have so many things to think about! I was given 5 books about Poodles and they are as precious to me as were the German books I have gone through looking for information about the breed. Several years ago when several of us were choring away on the history of the Barbet and we came to the same conclusion: what we were researching was poodle history so, re-inventing the wheel.

I have a huge book from the 1982, written in the USA. Guess who I found…



That leads me to think that it was not that long ago and IF there are Barbets today that look like Barbets in the 70’s, then there are also Barbets today with Wycliffe Timoteo the Best in show winner Poodle in their pedigree, that could tell us why we have such different looking dogs at shows, like in the Dutch show.Look at that nice bushy poofed out coat. You have of course seen that before!

In this book, there is also Blakeen and Apiele…a treasure for Barbets worldwide. The Barbet being a Griffon you can hardly compare them, can you?!