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Compay’s last litter before he came home.

Compay is now home after being away for 3.5 years ( working for the breed).

His last litter was born a few days ago, and you can see the white markings he is famous for, but in the sand color. Love it!

Compay II, a couple of weeks old in 2007.

I did my my way…My proudest achievement!

…back to the beginning, my beginning and the real Barbet, a Vieux Barbet that does not look like a Poodle or a crossbreed fashion designer dog. I can sit down and admire this pedigree…and thank everyone who helped achieve this major feat in the Barbet world.

Birthday: Vennie and Froggy 2015 litter!

7 out of 11 is not bad..2 at guide school for the blind (one reformed)..One in Alsace and another in Paris.Maybe we will have news for next year! These are all doing well…Happy birthday and many many more!

Birthday Jubilee litter: 2007-2017 Bon anniversaire!


Ma portée “C” de Coccolina x Ungaro a été une des plus importantes du monde actuel du Barbet. Cette portée a permis à Coccolina d’accéder à la cotation SCC ( Société Centrale Canine) 5/6, qu’aucun Barbet a atteint depuis.

Les chiens issus de cette portée sont tous en bonne santé, bon pied -bon oeil  et cette portée a été très homogène comme on peut le constater (ainsi que la descendance).

Un chiot est devenu chien guide d’aveugle, 2 femelles ont été stérilisées et tous les autres ont une très longue descendance en France et à l’étranger. De multiples champions dans leurs pays respectifs sont à citer.

Coccolina serait, à ce jour dans le pedigree de plus de 1400 chiens à travers le monde et ses qualités sont nombreuses: des chiens agréables à vivre, bienveillants, calmes et avec très souvent une aptitude naturelle du rapport comme il se doit avec un vieille race de chien de chasse, qu’est le VIEUX BARBET.

Hélas, la variété que le club et la SCC se refusent à reconnaître, qui est celle d’origine et non celle du Barbet MODERNE, comme certains essaiyent, ré-incarné dans les années 1980 est gravement menacée d’extinction et à mon humble avis, vit ses dernières générations avant d’être transformée en prototype de Caniche.

C’est la vie…du monde canin d’aujourd’hui et je le déplore.Je ne suis pas la seule, et le Barbet n’a pas été la seule race abimée par ci- et ça..Même combat.

http://www.tibetan-lhasa-apso.com/Fr/FrMonPro.html Mme de Zarobe a écrit un livre très prenant et précis au sujet de la race qu’elle affectionne. Un jour…

Merci Eva O. pour cette carte extraordinaire!

3 male Barbets available

Daddy Baxter

Mom Liriope

Father is Baxter, a lovely male I helped place 11 years ago( already!).  I had Baxter’s sister Bepop for one year here and I helped Boone go to the United Staes where he is having a very nice life.  I know the line, very well. Mom is Liriope de la Serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre.(no need to tell you how she is!) This gives you an idea of how they will grow up! That is always nice to know.

Uncle Boone in the USA







They were born March 9th.
03 84 25 90 16 for more information
We speak English – Wir sprechen Deutsch



My GuyGuy and the puppies..

This litter has been adorable, the pups adorable, the owners adorable..my only regret is that GuyGuy was sick at the time he could have mated Dabadoo..and I did not yet know he was ill with his gallstone issue..otherwise he would have been happy to oblige( even at his age) and Froggy would have been fit for the next litter. However, you don’t always do what you want..and it doesn’t always work out the way you want it to.

My choice to keep a male from this litter was a very hard one…and in fact til the last day, I could not decide. The decision was taken by the male himself who had decided he was going to stay.That was that.

The history of the breed in pictures.



We have finished this visual part of the history of the breed. It is so, for there are no language barriers to consider.
There are a few mistakes to be corrected after the holidays, which will not stop your understanding of the evolution of the Barbet.
My main objective was to finish today, a very historical day, and to give fuel to those who need it for their “petite” discussion about the breed…
I hope you enjoy it as I did, working on it for several years.

I am onto my next Barbet project! Stay tuned and Happy Holidays to all!