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Respect your elders..and cherish them.

Coccolina almost 12 and Booly Wooly, 10.5 years old… A fabulous duo.

I have been off for a long time because I have had a lot to do. I am also trying to get my motivation level up high enough to tell you so many things..This below is so true and when you read it, it hits home.

We have less and less people who know what a Barbet de chasse is, more and more who don’t care and a majority looking to make their production the ideal type.It does get to you after a while and on your nerves as you can imagine.


I have 2 treasures…they are great/great-grandparents, have produced healthy puppies and many champions. My dogs live with me and not “here, there and everywhere”. I think that is the price you pay for serious work, and a high level of enjoyment.

Coccolina’s line…result of hard work, respect, and some good genes!

…and back to the original Vieux Barbet!
“Du beau et du bon!”

Della_Diesel_ Barbets

Della and Diesel from the Netherlands, in Canada


In the USA at Stacy’s and in New York! Le Marquis de Lafayette, called Laffy for friends…







Flintstone father of one of the 2 litters.


Le Marquis de Lafayette, called Laffy in NY. Son of Flintstone von der Leibrücke

Come see my babies!


I am told they look a lot like me!


Accueil stylé Barbet!

Est ce que le Barbet/mes Barbets aime(nt) le contact humain et les caresses?…A votre avis? Assez impressionnant pour quelqu’un qui n’a pas l’habitude! Les générations, la mamie qui est arrière arrière grand-mère, la sélection en live. Oui, ils sont tous là et mon travail à moi est démontré sur le tas. Je me fais plaisir et ça se voit à travers les chiens.

Barbet_visitors1 - Copie Barbet_visitors2 - Copie




Keeping up with Coccolina!

Updating the figures: Coccolina is now in the pedigrees of  564 Barbets worldwide…Amazing, isn’t it how she has spread her type! Here she is with the Froggies…you could recognize the line anywhere!


A family affair


*”Type on any search engine and you will see Barbets en Bresse,” faithful to you since 2006 in the web and for many more years to come! Merry Christmas to all!

* I did not say that, ever, and I would never be so pretentious. This was said by someone else who me veut que du bien, as usual in France...when telling a certain group of people to get off their rear and work a bit for the breed Barbet. Back in 2011. So, we waited and waited and grew spiderwebs and nothing happened in 2012, or 2013 and even less ( if that is even possible) in 2014. Soooooooooo, for lack of any results, we’re back in the ring. Not the show ring, that’s for the glorioles, looking for praise and self praising their own achievements, but in the history ring. Much more interesting along with more BICP’s coming in 2015 where dogs have a great time doing what they do best.

The more, the more…

Last year, 2 of my dogs were the first ever to participate in a hunting trial  for gundogs ( BICP). No Barbet in France had ever attempted it. My dogs being real good swimmers and retrieve ducks and dummies on land too, I thought we would go for it. I fear not ridicule if it helps show the way to others. We did rather well and if you follow my activities, you know that.

Well this year, I thought we would try to be better and less novice-type and so I started asking questions…so, in a nutshell: do this don’t do that don’t work in your garden because that is where they play, do this and that and remember that basic obedience is the most important.We don’t go there to check it out, we go there to participate properly. Not everything is a question of winning, but doing it for the dogs to enjoy themselves.( and to promote the breed?)

We are doing retrieving on land. Hold. Heel.Apporte. Cherche. Both languages because the words are shorter here and there and anyway, it’s too late to change.


May I add that, contrary to popular belief, the dogs do need to see, so don’t make him/her look ridiculous ( and consequently you) by having a full bush of hair in front of his or her eyes. Keep in mind that the topknots get caught in barbed wire, which hurts them and therefore decide what you want the dog to do.A thick busky coat is a “nono” for hunting.Froguette left and below Froggy.




They need to see…there are still so many dogs walking around blind despite that info having been given at Symposium, and very often ignored.










Froggy can dive just like his sister. This is not enough to participate in a working trial. If you don’t know what to do, find a professional trainer and seek help.The breed’s reputation is at state.

For more information, consult the blog below. Fiona is very knowledgeable and always willing to help.