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Survival of the Barbet breed.

  1. CKC_Rules
    The SCC’s AGM ( annual general meeting) in 2010 quoted “the Barbet will survive if it becomes a working dog again”. It has been said in the past that any breed that was too small to survive on its own would get absorbed into another similar one better identifiable. This is our case. There is no reason for the breed to exist if it is of no use.

    I have been working on a report for the SCC about the Barbet, working dog, meaning hunting…I have assembled all of the working documents of our dogs here in France (that I know of) and have all the documents from Jacques Cyr ( double wow and congratulations) in Canada along with one other breeder’s over yonder, and I have asked owners of dogs in Europe to send me their working trial certificates and a photo, but I do not know all the dogs who have worked or work, nor what they are asked to do in different countries to get certificates. ( or which breeds they compete against)

    I started this, last summer while waiting for fall BICP trials to start. We can measure the worth of our dogs against other working breeds of the 7th group which is what is important, so people who hunt see how they work.

    We have established a common denominator for the working line and don’t want to miss out on anyone who has a Barbet who has achievements. The report is of course not official. BUT it will include information about the working breed and HOW it works with information about the Griffon Barbet/ Barbet d’Arrêt.
    It will include copies of articles published from magazines and references to books about the breed’s working ability, along with names of dogs.

    This work takes a long time to put together since we can only claim the breed as a working breed when we can show results.

    We all know that just because the barbet is called a working breed, does not mean it can.

    If you wish to participate in the document, please send me a copy of the certificate and a photo of the Barbet.
    IF you know someone who does not come to this page, would you kindly inform them?

    Following the publishing of this document that now includes the Barbet, it has now become urgent to inform the SCC of our achievements.

    I would like to send this in by the end of February, completed. Can anyone interested send my their info by February 15th at the latest?
    Thank you for the Barbet….
    I am announcing this here along with a social network so no one feels left out.

Well done, Froggies! BICP for the Barbet!

Barbet_Froguette_duck Barbet_French_pheasant


Froguette and her duck                                    Froggy and his pheasant


The point in doing the very important French BICP (German HZP) had nothing to do with anything at the club or going up the quotation points ladder; it basically had to do with the Barbet and its past as a gundog and the fact that it has contributed to many hunting breeds in Europe. I wanted to do it to prove a point to hunters. The Barbet with a proper coat can be an all around gundog who ALSO goes to water. I am told a proper Barbet coat is the one of the Griffon Korthals when it is long…iunteresting, eh?! A “just” waterdog has no future, not other than a couch potato and even then?

Our judge was a person from the Marais Vernier area of France and he grew up working with Barbets( as hunters and gundogs).Yes, this was  back in the 60’s. Yes, Ma’m. He knew exactly how the Barbet should work ( as opposed to some of the air-heads we have had as working judges in the past/ can you say that of a man?!)

Surprisingly, my 2 Froggies did a helluva job on land and not so well in water.Froguette pointed officially ( witnessed) just before she flushed her pheasant. Froggy did not , but he did canvass the area well and did hids pheasant too. I was a bit disappointed in their water work, but they didn’t understand this particular context. Oh well. I think I proved my point by getting the judge’s congratulations on their land work. We know they can do water!

The judge’s comments:

“The Barbet is the foundation of many of our hunting breeds. These 2 Barbets did very well for dogs who do not hunt and who worked on their natural instinct.”What more can I ask for?

I say: Mission accomplished and we will go back for the fun of it, again.

Bravo Froggies. Froggie and Froguette got 21 points for their first real deal.