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D litter birthday wishes!

As years go by it gets more and more difficult to get news from the different pups in the litter! Some remain faithful and I am happy to get news from them. They are all healthy and happy and that is what counts the most.


Delilah ( Dalie) with mom and dad..


Désirée (Tufi) in August, on an annual visit from Switzerland


Dolce Vita in Italy..

Happt Birthday to all of you, and many more!

Coccolina x Booly Wooly 2008: D

Coccolina x Booly Wooly 2008: D

Blast of the past: Thelma and son..GuyGuy

On the left,  Thelma ( BCE 2nd cat.) and GuyGuy ( BCE 1st cat), on her back.  On the right, mom and son again, side by side.I suspect this is also where some can say they have a “hunting line”.It probably takes a bit more than that to say so, but I’ll take it as a compliment since our dear Hercule di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco is in the line, too: a founding father of the Barbet de chasse! Then Vincacao, Armagnac..that all together makes it a hunting line?


Respect your elders..and cherish them.

Coccolina almost 12 and Booly Wooly, 10.5 years old… A fabulous duo.

I have been off for a long time because I have had a lot to do. I am also trying to get my motivation level up high enough to tell you so many things..This below is so true and when you read it, it hits home.

We have less and less people who know what a Barbet de chasse is, more and more who don’t care and a majority looking to make their production the ideal type.It does get to you after a while and on your nerves as you can imagine.


I have 2 treasures…they are great/great-grandparents, have produced healthy puppies and many champions. My dogs live with me and not “here, there and everywhere”. I think that is the price you pay for serious work, and a high level of enjoyment.

…and the Barbet birthday boys!


Le Looping..training to become Guide Dog for the Blind.







Le Loostik ( and below)





Barbets_training2 11015_marron_bleuCG






Leole Dader







Lautrec( un petit air de Coccolina…)









The Sky is the limit!












Le Frenchy…do you think he looks like his daddy?






Le Frenchy de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre.

In this litter, there are companions, and dogs with natural retrieving instinct.The one and the other are complimentary. I am vvery happy, after 1 year of waiting, to see that they correspond to my selection work and what I think my Barbets should look like and they are all healthy and very affable and caring companions. This was a litter of 11, and they are all lovely!