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Hanging in there, my GuyGuy!

These last months have been very trying, with the weather, work, the dogs to take care of and keeping GuyGuy happy…and healthy to his best. I have had to step back and try to stay as zen as possible for him, and me..since  we do know they feel everything. He is doing as well as can be expected. The verdict is chronic hepatitis and he most likely will not die of it, but hopelly of “just” old age.For many months, I was hoping he would reach his mother’s age of 11.5, then I was hoping he would make it to the new year and now we’re in February and I am thinking that perhaps he could make it to his birthday in April.I have had to shut off some oytside perturbating factors  to be able to fully concentrate on him..so far so good.  Here’s a little video…GuyGuy_Rules

He is his usual happy self

Waiting for his walk.

A lot of snow that did not last!


Lovely Vera de la perte aux loups

Vera_Barbet2016a Vera_Barbet2016b

Nice to be able to keep up with some of the Barbets who have come through here. Vera was a not-happy-at-all Barbet where she lived in the Netherlands. She was accused of having bitten some people…so I drove halfway and rescued her. She spent a while here with mine. Relearned to trust people and dogs and when I thought she was ready for her nice happy family and greener pastures, she found a nice family to live with. She is now in the UK and best friends with the 2 children and a loving family. Her  family gives me news every so often and I really appreciate it. Vera will be 12 next month..looking good, eh?Barbet_Vera_girl2013

I am glad I did it…Vera is special to me. Must say, with the world as it is today…I would never do it again!

Grand-pa and Grand-ma….

Barbet_grandma_GrandpaHad the camera handy and snapped. My 2 oldies sitting together on the couch in the evening…I have no fireplace. Wish I did.

These 2 have brought me more pleasure and laughs than many of the worldly things some focus on.

Booly Wooly ( GuyGuy) and Ermengarda ( Coccolina)…with the best in the world, how can you go wrong?

Tooth and nail, man. Tooth and nail!

Iabada_incognito_BarbetPs…I’m incognito…

After a few of us  going under cover and standing up  to make sure Ulysse was allowed to reproduce as Griffon Barbet of the purest kind  in his home country, I am proud to say that he is well supported by all of his progeny and lots of really nice people paying a tribute to him, by posting photos of his descendants. Ulysse turns 12 next month at it’s high time to start celebrating his achievements!

Father to 43

Grand-father to nearly 150

Great grandfather to 80

and…great great grand-father to nearly 200

and 5th generation to 30.

I say not bad for a purebreed  threatened with extinction who was not allowed to reproduce because he was not curly enough. And yes, I had a lot to do with it since I got him confirmed here in France, where some ( not all)know what a Barbet is.


Read more about the ongoing “challenge”:


There are laws in France concerning dogs running loose.


Art. L.211-23 du Code rural
Est considéré en état de divagation tout chien qui, en dehors d’une action de chasse ou (L. n°2005-157 du 23 févr. 2005, art. 125) « de la garde ou de la protection du troupeau », n’est plus sous la surveillance effective de
son maître, se trouve hors de portée de voix de celui-ci ou de tout instrument sonore permettant son rappel, ou qui est éloigné de son propriétaire ou de la personne qui en est responsable d’une distance dépassant cent mètres. Tout chien abandonné, livré à son seul instinct, est en état de divagation (L. n° 2005-157 du 23 févr. 2005, art. 156) «sauf s’il participait à une action de chasse et qu’il est démontré que son propriétaire ne s’est pas abstenu de tout entreprendre pour le retrouver et le récupérer, y compris après la fin de l’action de chasse».

In the springtime, when the reproduction season starts( or when ducklings are born), you can get fined if you are caught with a dog off leash in the country where there is a risk.