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Hanging in there, my GuyGuy!

These last months have been very trying, with the weather, work, the dogs to take care of and keeping GuyGuy happy…and healthy to his best. I have had to step back and try to stay as zen as possible for him, and me..since  we do know they feel everything. He is doing as well as can be expected. The verdict is chronic hepatitis and he most likely will not die of it, but hopelly of “just” old age.For many months, I was hoping he would reach his mother’s age of 11.5, then I was hoping he would make it to the new year and now we’re in February and I am thinking that perhaps he could make it to his birthday in April.I have had to shut off some oytside perturbating factors  to be able to fully concentrate on him..so far so good.  Here’s a little video…GuyGuy_Rules

He is his usual happy self

Waiting for his walk.

A lot of snow that did not last!


Barbet Moderne et Vieux Barbet: assez flagrant de différence

A gauche dans la rangée du haut: Jerry Sable des Malabris de Basse Sologne( Barbet Moderne) et à droite Hercule di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco( Vieux Barbet).1996.


Il existe 2 types de Barbet, et peut être vous ne le saviez pas..C’est un fait depuis bien des années et la cause de bien des soucis de gestion de la “race”.
En France, il y a les deux types et tout un chacun revendique sa spécialité. Il y a bien évidemment bien plus de Modernes, que d’Anciens.Cela va de soi. Normal dans une démocratie?  Pas sur…Avec preuves à l’appui…
Je ne fais pas le style Caniche “poof”..car mes recherches m’ont conduites vers la vieille race qui ne ressemble pas à un Caniche, mais à un Griffon ( confirmé par le Pr Denis). Chacun son choix..
Et comme il a été dit et répété par le Pr Raymond Triquet, “si vous voulez un type Caniche, achetez un Caniche.” Il y en a plein dans d’autres pays, notamment la Suisse et le choix est nettement plus vaste dans des chiens “bien frisés”, “bien lourds” et “grands” comme il se doit dans la race Moderne.

A nose in a million: will detect anything…

I saw Froggy’s nose go up…and off he went. I am always so amazed at how good their noses are. That’s genetic, is it? So he brought it out of the field, I sad “lache”(let go) and Vennie came along to see what the fuss was about..They do what they were destined for.HUNTING…

Education and genes?

You would wonder if Vennie knows she is her grandmother...she is the one who plays the most with her and takes very good care of her on walks and in her water escapades. If you see a bit of a harness there, it is unintentional. A dog should NEVER EVER go to water with a harness. it's dangerous.    

Going back in time.

A very important date faraway made it that the team Barbet had to go to the kennel for several days…I am quite behind on posting, but that is the way it goes! I do not like leaving them, but they are well taken care of. They know the place and most important: they are together.







Got back…took

Barbet-mobile and wend to get them!


What did they do? Ran straight back to the garden to see what had happened..all back to “normal”!barbet_home