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A nice visit from a family member!

El Paradiso or Elpa for his friends came to visit us… He is the son of Chesara and Vincacao who had gone to a guide school for the blind, but was afriad of firecrackers so he was placed with the family he has. Very Lucky guy he is!We had a very nice time and my dogs welcomed him “home” as one does.



All in total harmony


I think for the harmony of the group, they all need to feel they serve a purpose and participate in family matters.Here, Coccolina and Booly Wooly changing shifts…











How would you feel?

This is a photo of Froguette on the way south the other day for the Working Test…Would you feel that calm if YOU were going for such a big event? That is what I love about my dogs, they are always “cool, calm and collected”, which again is different from lymphatic!They go for it when they need to!
( by the way, the others are in a cage, but I cannot put 2 cages in the car!)


Sad news: Brenn di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco.


As surrogate breeder to the Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco litters, I am very sad to announce that Brenn di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco is now in Barbet heaven.

He was diagnosed with spleen cancer at 8.5 years of age. Much too young to his owners who adored him as we do our beloved ones. Brenn, known as Bounty had a long Barbet “history” and alas never reproduced because of this and that and now, well.
He was not curly, and none of us cared because he had the extraordinary Barbet with a capital B character, he reminded us of his father Vincacao and had his grandmother’s eyes ( Sangria) and when you have such an exceptioanl dog, it’s hard. A loving thought for Borée, Bali, Bacchus, Bibiche, Beauté whom he will be joining ( killed by a boar) and I am certainly glad their genes are out there.
I saw him in September and he was as beautiful as he ever was, even though then he was already ill. We did not know it…
Brenn: 26/05/2006- 28/11/2014.