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You cannot compete with stupid.

When “show Greeders” decide to take over a breed..this is what you end up with. Who do we have to thank? The USA/Canada/The Netherlands…among others who have not a clue. Neither does France, but that’s another story.

Voilà the result of what ego does to dogs. Thank you Stacy, Anne, Judy, Karen..you are so cute.

ps..no swiss as they are having a problem with their style.



Barbet zoomies!

The bar is flexible. It was 25 cms off the ground. She had seen it before with the pups when they were still here. SHE jumped. I am not into agility, but she enjoyed doing it on her own.

Barbet walkies: 10 minutes a day… is plenty!


They did walk around the garden on leash to get used to it in a familiar place before getting into the car and driving to their mini walk area. A dog is NOT a robot...and there are NO bad dogs!…only bad owners.