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Look, dad…a good Barbet nose…is it?

LadyLA_BarbetOut and about in Swissland morrel hunting with dad and taking care of business every day!

Look, dad what I just found for you…

( Vennie x Froggy litter 2015)

All clear…

As Coccolina is now 11,and Booly Wooly coming on 10, I thought it would be good to have their eyes checked as cases of PRA are popping up now, here and there as dogs are ageing.This is not required by the breed club, but personally I think it is as important as anything else. They have also both had their blood check and they are fine.

Older dogs can do not much but love you and continue being the loving companions they have always been and deserve the very best in return.
What is rather unfortunate is that in France, it is rather rare to have Barbets checked, specialist vets are rare and mine has never seen any others but mine.


Birthday girl: Isabeau von der Leibrücke

Iabada/Badoo…turned 2 this week.Barbet_Iabada_front_sm

Then…and now! She is a sweet as she looks. Dabadoo is the daughter of ULYSSE di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco…one of the last 2 pure Barbets left in the world.A lot of weight on her shoulders.


One of my most memorable trips…Verdun.

I lived part of my life near Verdun and I had visited the historical areas..during the day, when it’s nice and light.

In 2014, when I was still doing activities for the Barbet, I drove up through those very very dark wooded areas at night and all along looking at the moon and thinking about all those soldiers…and just the pure horror they lived through.

The next day was interesting, Froguette flushed her pheasant and chased it so was eliminated and then she never found her duck. Oh well.

We did go to a winery and brought back some Côtes de Toul and drove home. That was my last outing ever for that club of sorts, and the last cent I ever spent for them.



Coccolina’s F litter 2011..Happy birthday!

I enjoy stepping back and looking in…to assess…! I breed only for type and I am happy with how they developed, their looks and their character.

Litter of 10, of which 2 champions (Canada and France); 2 guide dogs for the blind and all lovely healthy loving companions. 3 of them produced 65 pups (one =>31 with the same male).

CH-Frankly Scarlet, who also appears in a book written about the Barbet, linked below:







Frankly Scarlet as a pup

…and full grown below!





Fanny Forigoler as a pup on the right and below in the official SCC review ( Société Centrale Canine) to portray a typical Barbet coat, as “long wooly and curly” according to the FCI/SCC standard 105.













Courtesy of Cynophilie Française/ 2nd trimester 2012.SCC.

This is mom, Coccolina, now 11 and dad almost 10 …both my honeys and nothing will separate them, or me from them for they are my beloved Barbets and my reason for being in the Barbet world ( with Thelma). Pictures taken in January 2016.

Coccolina_Barbet GuyGuy_Barbet



Thank you Ula and Chris Pepper for keeping me in the loop.



10th year anniversary


This site went online at the beginning of February 2006. This was the first time a site went online in ENGLISH, in France, giving information to foreigners about the breed. I no longer feed it, as it is so old!

Since then quite a bit has evolved, for better or for worse.

A lot of water under the bridge as the true history  of the breed does take a long time to move forward. What has changed? Not much and even less in its home country where the breed lacks any kind of support from officials as other breeds do in their home country. This is today as we speak.

My mission has always been ( must be the teacher in me) to make sure poeple are informed and make choices with all the right cards in their hands. I have become a reference in the breed (whether I like it or not).

So, to celebrate, I made my lovely Barbets, some liver cakes..livercake

Conclusion: if you are looking for a Barbet, do your homework. Compare information…….. compare pictures and ask questions. You will rapidly find out who is competent in the matter, be it in France or anywhere.



What is the point?


CH-Compay II de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre( left) French Lover Dog, his son 4/6 French SCC selection grid and CH-Booly Wooly de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre ( right). I will finish my breeding days with my males and my females…


My point here is…I rarely tell anyone I “make” dogs as a hobby. People physically around me know I have dogs, some know I have pups, but I do not ever readily give the information.The breeding mega challenge has become interesting since 2004: investigating pedigrees and historical reference documents to make dogs that have certain morphological traits, be surrounded with them as much as possible (I have had up to 8) it’s like make your cake and eat it, too, see them grow and get older which to me is vital, appreciate their competences and just love them and have fun with them, and share pictures on my site here.

I do not “make money” and do not count on it, it helps when I sell pups, because I do not make enough money as a teacher to have 6 dogs and do all I have done with them over the last 15 years.

The rest is all in a day’s work, even the nastiness and ignorance of many which one has to deal with especially when  they know next to nothing or very little about the breed and want to be the ones, the only ones to give any coherent information.It does show, thankfully…and one does wonder why they try so hard to be so nasty on social networks, which is one reason I do not advertise ( meaning: to sell) dogs there.

I want to very carefully choose who I will share a dog with. I have had problems before, not knowing enough about the “breeding world” so I try to stay away from it.

I like what I can do in that context with people who have become friends I appreciate and trust and when I have finished and reached my breeding objectives, I will stop.

Those friends will remain friends, not business partners.

It will all be a part of my research on the breed and the good, the bad and the real ugly. Not to wonder why the breed is doing so poorly in its home country.