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Baltic champion, too!

Gloria_BalticChampionGloria de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, Baltic champion among other championships…We are all proud of her success and thank you Sirkka for your hardwork.

Gloria is a lovely girl with “natural working instinct” and has the tests to prove so…she is lovely and also a very nice looking girl!

“Apporte”, anything you want!

Barbet_apportefroguette_pheasant_may_barbetFor fun or for real…..we found a pheasant the other day…I jumped out of the car to pick it up. We played with it for a while and now…it’s snoozing in the freezer.

“Cherche”… fearless he is…

What a shame working Barbets have been so mistreated by the authorities, in France.Now we just “play” and no longer enter any type of competive trials.This will remain one of my favorite videos!