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Blast of the past: Thelma and son..GuyGuy

On the left,  Thelma ( BCE 2nd cat.) and GuyGuy ( BCE 1st cat), on her back.  On the right, mom and son again, side by side.I suspect this is also where some can say they have a “hunting line”.It probably takes a bit more than that to say so, but I’ll take it as a compliment since our dear Hercule di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco is in the line, too: a founding father of the Barbet de chasse! Then Vincacao, Armagnac..that all together makes it a hunting line?


Back to my world…of Vieux Barbets!







It is said in some neophyte circles  that I promote “flat coats”…

these are perfect curls with a nice top rough coat and a nice protective undercoat…for a working gundog as one does.We have now retired from any type of working trials other than pure fun and enjoyment. My lovely dogs have made their point, now they can play!


You can feel the adrenaline…. I said..owow.








When you look at this picture, you can feel all the emotions it conveys…I immediately felt the adrenaline rush I felt when I worked with my Froguette and I am happy to see others feeling that way. We are “just” trying to promote the Barbet as a working all around versatile gundog, for whom a standard was written in 1886.  It’s a heck of a lot of work to even get to square one. BUT but but, when you get there……there’s no better reward.

Imac is a daughter of Fanny Forigoler who was bred and born here in Bresse. Yes, I know genes only have a small part of it, but but but….

Thank you * AL for sharing the picture with me.

Thank you the Retriver Club de France, for again allowing us to partake in trainings with other retrievers!


Meanwhile, back in Germany…
















..Ela Samba de la serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre passed her VAP with flying colors this weekend and is now able to be shown in working class at Swiss shows, where she lives.carmela_ela_Barbet

She is, if I may add very humbly, the first Barbet to be in that category: working class. Yehman.*

Meanwhile back at the French ranch, name Barbet is planned to be taken of club header..and it is still restricted in France to only do water work, splash, splash..no landwork!

When is that club de Scapins fourbes, like arracheur de dents going to do something to save the breed from extinction and honor it as other countries do/have?

The Barbet is doomed in France, more than ever. Merci qui? L’ arracheur de dents.   *Thank you AL for the photo!

Scandalous dog training behaviour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been training Froguette for hunting for 2+ years now and you have seen a lot of pictures here on this site, but never oh never has it ever been without respecting the game and the process of the activity along with the rules. I have never seen a hunter treat any animal the way is pictured in those photographs.

Just a BIG joke. BICPs I have attended, nothing to do with the barbet club, are run according to strict rules and professional behaviour and organization.

I have just seen some pictures on a social network french club breed  page that are absolutely appaling and disgraceful for a breed club to publish. Totally shocking!!!!!!!!!!! to promote the Barbet as an uneducated duck killer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is NOT what happens at any BCE or BICP and gives a very retarded image of hunting and of course how the Barbet works. Disgraceful and typical of the amateurish running of the breed.

Creatures of their habits…


Good for th head…


Good for the soul, to have other things to think about!Iabada, Coccolina, GuyGuy and mom Vennie


The feeling some things never change, despite the heavy responsability, they are creatures of habit, this being one of them! Vennie and GuyGuy


“Hey, you 2, don’t go so far”







Good for the body…

Peek-a-boo…we’re here!







Vennie is extremely proud (look at her face) to announce the births of her 11 pups..5f 6m all black with some white. They have fabulous heads, (merci daddy Froggy) are all of even weights and they are doing great. They are calm, content and she is managing her team like a champion…So far, so fabulous!








Mama_CoccolinaGrand-ma Coccolina supervises the work-in-process..and I’m counting!





The will all have Coccolina/CompayFroggy type  easy to manage open curls.

Why do I love thee?

Look at how attentive she is and eager to work ( and please)

Barbet_Froguette_strideBarbet_Frofuette_landBarbet_Froguette_landerYou’re not leaving now, are you?! You told me we could stay…





…the way she moves. I absolutely love her to pieces, my Froguette!








Another slice of Barbet history has departed.

Mrs Sevestre Le Houelleur has passed on.Her father Robert le Houelleur registered the first Barbet LOF 7 Hourie de Floirac in 1933 in France, and without his work and collaboration with Dr Vincenti (Mas de la Chapelle), none of us would have a Barbet today.

MMeLEHI had visited them in Floirac a few years ago,  they were honored we would be interested in what Mr Le Houelleur’s work for the breed  was and entrusted me with their archives and photographs for me to scan. A memorable visit for me and they were pleased to see my dogs and touch them..a bit like the “madeleine de Proust”. Here she is with Compay II de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre. I think they liked each other and he reminded her of her childhood.

My thoughts are with her spouse and their family on this sad day. Well, only a few weeks ago, through one of her sons, I got a confirmation on a point of history of the Floirac Kennel breeding, for the breed’s historical archives, that I work very hard to maintain along with a few other protagonists in the Barbet world.

For the petite histoire in the grande histoire…

Barbet_Le Houelleur