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Bird watcher…respectful and polite.

Barbet_watchJust because it is said that the Barbet retrieves..does not mean it is at all allowed to chase birds….that is forbidden.

They have a mission, but they are to be respectul of other creatures!This is Iabada, wathching birds go by and feeding!

Look, dad…a good Barbet nose…is it?

LadyLA_BarbetOut and about in Swissland morrel hunting with dad and taking care of business every day!

Look, dad what I just found for you…

( Vennie x Froggy litter 2015)

My Barbet foundations…


ped2015512 - Copie

Thought you might enjoy seeing a French pedigree new generation (for me). This is my line that I have been working on since 2002, with Tchin Tchin de la perte aux loups.The objective is a Vieux Barbet or Griffon type ( as opposed to poodle type).
There is no official SCC database, with pedigree numbers and the likes as there is in other countries in Europe where you can see results of this and that, so the pedigree is what has the most information. Eyes are not required to be checked, but I do them regularly.

If you look at Ermengarda ( Coccolina) she has the highest cot.5/6 ( SCC official selection grid/cotation) of any Barbet so far in SCC Barbet history. Compay is French Champion and a cot.3
French Lover ( Froggy) is cot. 4. He could go higher if his progeny went to shows in France, which they will not. He could also become champion…but we will not go any further on that.

They all have DNA, HD score and then you see in red, some show results, which appear incomplete..( but dog shows are not a concern!)

I felt it was more important to go up the selection grid (cotation) for the foundation of my line. As you can see Abergavennie is cot.1 which means she is confirmed, A hips and did get best puppy at club specialty show.
Breed Club politicking, nastiness, incompetence as far as the breed is concerned along with regular badmouthing has put an end to our show career! I am glad I did what I did when I did it! Now I can reap what I sowed in my foundations, and continue my work piano, piano. Brother and sister Froggies..below:





I love walks, and runs and jumping! Below is my brother: Froggy…( French Lover Dog). We look alike, don’t we!?





Barbet treasures…

Booly Wooly (GuyGuy) almost 10 and Ermengarda (Coccolina) 11 years old. I do not know how many have the pleasure of watching their Barbets grow old in good health and happiness, together. They had 2 litters together, all healthy and they are both great great grand parents of very many puppies who have grown into champions for some.For others, they are just treasures.


Grooming Vennie!


Coat length is about 8cms. Brushed out. When it turns gray, as you see, it’s also dust and dirt.


Vennie has a rather difficult coat to keep long because you don’t really see curls and if you comb her out it is not very nice looking, as you can see below.




here she has been trimmed down to about 4 cms. Kind of poofy, but does sometimes make ringlets. Froggy, behind her has also been brushed out. The difference with him is that the coat is extremely easy to take care of and is of a different construction, and not as fine as Vennie’s.


One of my most memorable trips…Verdun.

I lived part of my life near Verdun and I had visited the historical areas..during the day, when it’s nice and light.

In 2014, when I was still doing activities for the Barbet, I drove up through those very very dark wooded areas at night and all along looking at the moon and thinking about all those soldiers…and just the pure horror they lived through.

The next day was interesting, Froguette flushed her pheasant and chased it so was eliminated and then she never found her duck. Oh well.

We did go to a winery and brought back some Côtes de Toul and drove home. That was my last outing ever for that club of sorts, and the last cent I ever spent for them.



What is the point?


CH-Compay II de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre( left) French Lover Dog, his son 4/6 French SCC selection grid and CH-Booly Wooly de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre ( right). I will finish my breeding days with my males and my females…


My point here is…I rarely tell anyone I “make” dogs as a hobby. People physically around me know I have dogs, some know I have pups, but I do not ever readily give the information.The breeding mega challenge has become interesting since 2004: investigating pedigrees and historical reference documents to make dogs that have certain morphological traits, be surrounded with them as much as possible (I have had up to 8) it’s like make your cake and eat it, too, see them grow and get older which to me is vital, appreciate their competences and just love them and have fun with them, and share pictures on my site here.

I do not “make money” and do not count on it, it helps when I sell pups, because I do not make enough money as a teacher to have 6 dogs and do all I have done with them over the last 15 years.

The rest is all in a day’s work, even the nastiness and ignorance of many which one has to deal with especially when  they know next to nothing or very little about the breed and want to be the ones, the only ones to give any coherent information.It does show, thankfully…and one does wonder why they try so hard to be so nasty on social networks, which is one reason I do not advertise ( meaning: to sell) dogs there.

I want to very carefully choose who I will share a dog with. I have had problems before, not knowing enough about the “breeding world” so I try to stay away from it.

I like what I can do in that context with people who have become friends I appreciate and trust and when I have finished and reached my breeding objectives, I will stop.

Those friends will remain friends, not business partners.

It will all be a part of my research on the breed and the good, the bad and the real ugly. Not to wonder why the breed is doing so poorly in its home country.