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I had a choice, as we always do.

Stay home and go the the Game Fair (haha, for the Mondiale of the Barbet where 8 dogs showed up and shined) or…

vegas home

…easy choice. The last time there was a big dog event for the Barbet, it was in 2012, the symposium (haha). People came from as far as Sweden and Poland expecting to learn/hear something. Thery were totally ignored and spent the day waiting for something to happen. It never did. Luckily; many of us were happy to see each other and we spent a nice time together…I had approximately 20 dogs from my line on site. Not all are in the picture since some satyed in other hotels. After being continually insulted by breed “authorities” it was quite obvious no one would show up at Game Fair 2016…no one of any importance for the breed, that is. Most thought it was a joke. A sad one……Barbet_symposium2012

Ela’s litter growing in Switzerland

Cute video of the pups..and yound Delwy wanting to play with the pups. She is alwo a daughter of Ela Samba( de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre)




Un petit air de famille?

Evergreen von springbell

Evergreen von Springbell


Edelwyss von Springbell ( Delwy)

Nice continuity, isn’t it!


Ch-Colleen de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, in Sweden


Ch-Compay de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre and Vera de la perte aux loups, his aunt. 2007!


The oldline “white and black” hits the show front: USA

Kadiz_dieseland Kieferlaffey_Barbets

Kadiz (Diesel) and Marquis de Lafayette Kiefer ( Laffy) von der Leibrücke…descendants of Coccolina, again and again, through CH-Compay II de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre and Charly, his brother. Stunning !









What a way to make a statement in the USA…where “stunning” is  a most important feature! How proud I am of our work together? Very!

Beauties to standard

Barbet_pupsdown2015Here only in France, you can read that the “VIEUX BARBET” does not exist and is a concept totally made up..not a very nice way to treat some of these canine authors who are a reference for many breeds and why not the Barbet? Good question…I can hardly wait for them to explain how a poodle which has not changed in several hundred years, in less that 100 became the Barbet..Houston, there is a problem and solution is found with proper research, only. It’s being worked on, scientifically! Book on the right is from the SCC.I just would like to have one of those who claim otherwise to take out their proof and hardware and explain. Can’t be that complicated when one has lots of time  and a LONG experience of the breed to diddle everywhere?! Can it? Is my question too hard to answer? These 2 dogs have nothing to do with each other…



Reading body language


Remember this picture from last week? The male pup was in the back…


And this morning, if you are able to read body language, you can see how he clicked on to the activity, and both pups are now melting into the pack. The dogs did it?! Well, they certainly helped…


…and then? Treat time!!







Nice souvenir of the 2015 litter


It’s fun. Hard work and I am always happy when the pups go to their new families because my objective is not to keep them, but to share my passion for the Barbet!