Whilst our French breed is slowly dying….a thought ought to make it better.


Let’s give it a thought.No one seems to have ever worried about it, have they. We are still waiting for the French Club to start reacting on more than giving it ” a thought”, but some type of action would be appreciated?

The Old Barbet breed is dying while the modern one is moving along, or is it….we now have confirmation ( as if we needed it) that the Poodle is on its way out, and in the fall it will take all the Barbets since most have Poodle blood and some have only that ( to this date).

The Barbet Modern is probably the greatest scam that has come along in many years. Perhaps the reason no one in France is doing anything about it, so they can claim innocence? Too many lies, falsified pedigrees and people working ever so hard to destroy breeders( and what is left of the old breed). A club diddling with colors to be banned and not helping breeders falling like flies left right and center in France while the Lagotto flourishes. Proof being in the pudding, we need to give them a benefit for our doubt. That should be it.