Vini, vidi and no vinci: Eurodog 2013 Swissland



We arrived at Palexpo after making a wrong turn, got the catalog, found the ring and arrived there just before 9.35. Judge was doing male champions, already. I waited politely by the ring for him to finish rather than storm in as some do and ask for my number.
I finally did get into the ring just before 9.45 for judge to say “sorry madame, you had to get your number before 9.30 and now I cannot judge you, I have just done BOB male.”

So, rather than argue for no reason since he would have thrashed my dog to the joy and great delight of the mostly Swiss Barbet audience, I said thank you turned around and left. No reason to stay and watch what I was looking at.
So that was that. I suspect something happened at 9.28 so they could start and get on with it fast.
Stupid me, I should have known better than to go into Swissland expecting anything positive or impartial to happen. So that’s a lesson, or shall I say consolidation of a lesson learnt when you dare step on Swiss dog’s tippy toes.
Froggy looks divine in this picture and we will be laughing about my swiss army knife for a long time.

Take it with a grain of salt?