No proof in his pudding.

…Nothing new..French breed club ex-caudillo, pumping chest up when speaking about the Barbet being  “bel et bien un chien de chasse” despite being in the water dog group, but as usual does not back up his empty statement with any proof. As usual, who needs proof or facts when you can just throw words around, as one does most of the time.

That person never did anything about the issue in France, and so it goes on in the UK.

What is really hilarious is when presented at Crufts, no one of them green-T’d members ever mentionned “GUNDOG”…or even how it worked!

You would sort of wonder if anyone was going to say anything about how much hunting they do with their Barbet in the UK as opposed to talking about who got cutoff the

Pinch me, I am dreaming..

I have avoided getting into anything political for awhile because it is mostly useless and we know how it ends. Sometimes, it does start itching my hand… The Barbet has been recognized by the UK Kennel club, but we know that and no point getting into the door daught stopper bit again. I have better. The French SCC magazine has just published an article written by another great historian as we are so lucky to  have so many who spend their time researching the history of the breed. This is the nice lady who wrote it works at the SCC and she registers show titles of all dogs. She  accompanied the French delegation to Crufts ( most can’t speak English, she can) so as a reward she got to write the article..that is certainly enough experience to write an article on an “ancient French breed”.Isn’t it.The intro is somewhat surprising: The Barbet with a curly coat, … if there were another…

She talks about water dog/hair/colors/protection and  “chasse à la sauvagine” which is probably  not even done any more…A dynamic “worker”. WPreston who imported them in 2007(…). Then goes on to saying the definition of the word barbet dates back to 1860 ( which is not true, Selincourt talks about it and  Febus, de Fouilloux  do too, several hundred years earlier). It was NEVER a farm dog, but a selected GUNDOG. There is no proof it is the ancestor to the Poodle and contrary to what this Mrs Bayoh says, Napoléon did not have a Barbet but a Poodle called Moustache.She obviously did the internet history bit.






Preservation breeding. What else.

Starting left: Compay II de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, behind him Vennie ( Outdoors Abergavennie) her son Lautrec de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre then Booly Wooly de la serve de la Chapelle d’Alexandre, Ermengarda ( Coccolina), Isabeau (Iabada) von der Leibrücke, Floirac( Froguette) and Lautrec de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre…

I am always happy to see my pups leave, because they are ready to start their new life. I must admit that I get very emotional when they have grown into what I had planned for them and I see them again. I can just admire them.
They are lovely, excellent character, happy, healthy and a continuation of what I have under my roof. What more can I ask for? Vennie sees her son, and what looked like her identifying him, coming to show me her happiness..It was amazing. What a nice afternoon!

Ploughing right along: cara Coccolina

My greatest achievement? Coccolina has now reached the 1500 mark of pedigrees she is in. She has been a MAJOR contributor to the type, character, health of about 1/3 of the Barbet world*. No small feat. She is the only Barbet in France to have reached the 5/6 level of the SCC selection grid. I am very lucky and blessed.

  • *I’d mention color, but I do not breed for color, nor do I sell for color..