Rituals and show dogs

A few years ago, when I thought that there was really a selection…I even remember asking (..) why the points system that was created a century or more ago was not used anymore. …and then I woke up. Today, is the BIG club specialty show. There are 2 additional shows this weekend, so dogs can become great show champions  rapidly! All conditions are there. Right judges for the cause are selected( yes, there is a selection, but not the one you think)..and winners can be predicted who will take their trophies with that “suprised, oh me” smile on their face. This evening we ought to get all the feedback along with the information about their “apéritif to chitchat about the Barbet” which the pdt said we would have a full report even if we are not members. Speaking of members, it appears less and less owners are members..just can’t imagine why. Anyway, looking forward to the results, eh. Knowing the pedigree of the judges, it’s going to be easy!famousdom

The history of the breed in pictures.



We have finished this visual part of the history of the breed. It is so, for there are no language barriers to consider.
There are a few mistakes to be corrected after the holidays, which will not stop your understanding of the evolution of the Barbet.
My main objective was to finish today, a very historical day, and to give fuel to those who need it for their “petite” discussion about the breed…
I hope you enjoy it as I did, working on it for several years.

I am onto my next Barbet project! Stay tuned and Happy Holidays to all!

Are you looking to widen your Barbet horizons?


This site above has not  beren updated in 3 years? There have been over 3000 clicks since last week! Not happy with the nothingness you can find on the net around the Barbet and its rarity? Its history? What you are looking for may be a grand dose of Barbet truth? Fear not..it’s coming….After re-doing the history of the Poodle as many who have, and hitting the wall…I started seeking more sources, “des sources plurieles” as one says. Mostly foreign, they are which severely lacked in a lot of the “internet” copy and paste world of ours. You may like to go back through this very thorough site which is regularly updated with news of the world:


The history of the breed is in due process..here is a sneak preview, but don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret!