You do find lots of info on a certain social network…

This text below is written by this lady on FB. I find it very pertinent.Of course applicable in our narrow population where some share and others only share when it’s a show result or a mating and now we are exposed, yes exposed to dog pornography.

A Barbet is a family member. It is an extremely intelligent dog that of course you can make brain dead by leaving in a cage or not taking care of it. It needs care like any dog but even more as it needs to run, play and be stimulated. A photo of a dog winning a show is only great for its owner, which leads to the next hilarious point: having a private group with 250+ people to show how cute you are and how lovely your dog is winning all these shows! Since you can’t do anything else, best to keep it off the street. I agree. How ridiculous do you want to be and you know nothing about the breed you prentend to manage?

Soooooo, IF you think you are so great,keep walking and ignore what is said below. If you are working for the survival of our breed, have a read. Those who do this already, bravo. The other 5***** breeders, how about looking  for a bit of humility, I say.

I firmly believe that we are all going to be asked, someday, to answer for how we’ve lived our lives. And I think that those of us who have bred dogs, have poured that much into the effort, will have to answer for the decisions we’ve made as we’ve bred our dogs. 

Here is what I think we need to be ready to answer:

Did you make their lives good?

Did you prepare them for the world?

Did you treat your owners well, your peers well; were you an ambassador for kindness?( this is a tough one)

Are you generous of heart? Did you find joy and a reason to celebrate every single dog who ever crossed your path?

Did you respect the oldsters and nurture the babies?

Did you make every possible decision you could to never hurt a dog?

Did you make the rescue “problem” YOUR problem?

Here’s what you are NOT going to be asked: Did you listen to people who told you that your dogs were crappy?( another hard one)

Did you get rid of the dogs they told you to “clean house” and dump? Did you win more at the end of your career than at the beginning?

Did you stop showing that dog who never won and buy some puppies from the people who always won?( and show that one and then sell “others” who have nothing to do with “that one”?)

Did you hide your ugly elderly dogs? Did you win a club election?( oh my)

Did you wine and dine the right people and use the right stud dogs?( and force others to use yours only?)

Did you parrot your mentors carefully, criticizing all the decisions they criticized in you?

Breed for your deathbed, people. It’s the ONLY thing that matters. The judgments and criticisms of your peers will be consigned to the flames.