Why do I not want to use my dogs with “just” anything.


I am working to get the Hermans Poodle out of my Barbets, not keep it in. So yes, most of us have Poodle in our pedigrees, I say most because until a certain point the old breed did not. I paid my dues and now I want to stay away from thin bones, bushy ugly coats, tall thin legged dogs, pointy noses, high ears, mouths too small to hold teeth…….. and snippy characters.

We inherited lots of medical problems from the Hermans dogs as he was not interested in health issues.Those are hidden to most of us and as Fonzy says “those who need to know, know….”

Does that answer that? I hope so or I can also draw a picture and add sound.

I select my dogs and the lines I accept to use them in. I am not in it for the money or it would be a known fact.