What if?


What if the Barbet that YOU think is a Barbet is none other than a Lagotto…?


The breed club is supposed to have and publish the true  factual, inalienable story of the breed that you are “defending” as a French breed. You represent the image of what the breed is in a foreign country, which is what?…What if the Barbet Moderne  were just  a Portuguese( white and black tall shaved) Poodle cross? Fear not ridicule with your pompous useful idiot supporters?

“I will try to be at all the shows because my dog wins everything , I am friends with so and so and I am starting my road tour where I will be appearing…”

Gag me.

The question was one too many, since I was answered by herself did not understand everything. A way of brushing off any type of discussion?

What’s new, Pussy cat.