What has the Irish Water Spaniel brought to the Barbet?


Have you ever thought why some used “this” rather than that? No? You have been spoonfed distorted facts for years? You have never worried about it?

If you sat down and thought for yourself, do you think it would help?

  1. Why  are some dogs of a nice brown that doesn’t fade some a patchwork of several different shades of brown and coat textures…that turn gray?
  2. Why are some black dogs born black and before age 3 are completely real gray? You know that is a poodle issue…but do you know that or were you told it was “normal” for a Barbet?
  3. Why are some dogs avoided like the plague for they are supposed to be sick or carriers of every disease under the sun? We all know that the poodle has had many issues, especially the standard poodle as there are less and less due to too much inbreeding ( a simplified concept) in the lines we all know?
  4. Why are some dogs avoided for they may carry hunting genes in countries where you cannot hunt?
  5. Why are some dogs refused for having the lighter colored eyes that SWD s have? Is it because of the eyes or their working ability or simple eugenics?
  6. Why are the Finns redoing a cross, this time with a SWD? ( last time was the Pont Audemer Spaniel)?
  7. Why do you think the Poodle is so used into the Barbet?
  8. What do you think the Poodle genes have brought to the Barbet?
  9.  Were you led to believe that the Barbet was on purpose crossed with an IWS because the breeder wanted to? Have you ever thought about the other side to your coin?…

Well, perhaps, some of you ought to sit down and put your thinking cap on? Might be high time for it.

The one who said their Barbet was a hunter and it is a nice friendly type, brown  color that doesn’t fade..;do you think it came from the hunting line it belongs to or also the IWS natural ability to hunt?

Breeding just to breed is not called selection. Real breeders can justify their choices.

Can you? Do I ask too many questions? How many can you answer on your own?

Photo: courtesey of Michael Roeterdink