Vincacao: grandfather and Coccolina great grandmother again!

Ela Samba gave birth to  a big Coccolina type litter  in Switzerland. Looking back to her mom’s litter…whilst waiting for photos!Coccolina being her mom, it is not surprising!

This is Che and Vincacao in Tarascon. Mrs Pêtre had put a nice bow on him to celebrate the mating. (Vin)Cacao is now the only V- litter still alive today, son of Sangria.  He is in his 15th year.Che’s litter…so long ago, it seems!

Barbet_Chelitter1Nice big heads, not so curly. You can see  when they are born which are curly and which are not. Nice square muzzel.


Barbet_Chelitter2                                                          Some real curlies!

For Ela’s litter in Switzerland: