Very interesting day: specialty show 2013

So here are the best 4. A Poppenspaler’s, Alba, Lotus and Fanny. Alba got Best Barbet and got the Georgy Challenge Trophy. As you may know, it is given each year to the best Barbet of the specialty show. IF the same dog wins it 3 years in a row, the owner of the dog gets to keep it.

You will notice that all the winners were extremely homogenous in size. The size has gone waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down ( under standard minimum for 1 male). There were 4 types of coat and all the coats were fine, so basta with the Barbet having a tight curly/frizzy coat. The judge, Pdt of the French Poodle club was missioned to detect traces of Poodle in the breed, as the objective is to eliminate any Poodle types in the Barbet. Finally, because after years and years and years of high short ears, bad tails,short bodies, tall legs it is a refreshing change of direction. Halleluiah.


French Lover got a very honorable 2nd excellent in working class at 59cms (so he really didn’t fit into the final small type selection, which is fine) and has a bit of short ears, but no dog is perfect. He is a bit tall for my taste, but that’s the way it is. The objective being to work for the betterment of the breed and no just one’s own concept of a breed and breeding.
The breed is suffering in France due to rivalry, extreme jealousy and past breed history and deeds, indeed.I was smiling in the photo, so nothing to attack me on as was the case last year which is why you only see the tail of the short male, on the right…
All fair play, they say?

Outdoors Abergavennie was best puppy and no, she was not alone. She beat the male pup, so I am happy for her, for me, for the Breeder and of course I want to thank Walda and Henk for picking her for me…she is a great girl and she can even dive.Barbet_Vennie_diver

I had to white out the faces of the busom buddies who are going to save the breed in France with their dedication (by bringing in all the Poodle blood possible) and experience in breeding Barbets, and to not get attacked again.
There were 17 signed up.
Of the 17, 10 have Verveine blood ( and genes) in them, because yes they do have ancestors and 7 have my line’s blood in them (meaning Cocolina x Booly Wooly). I was quite proud to see some mini Fanny’s and some lovely coats. Impossible to speak with anyone as we know it’s best not to shock them and let them believe their newbie breeder is fabulous.
Again, I am not working for my fame, but the breed’s survival…

It was a nice day, interesting conversation with a person whose passion is the same as mine and not having a litter until I can keep a pup was and is a right decision.I do love learning things!Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Nice day.