Vegas, ( ladies first) and Ursus litter in Canada!

Vegas ( Biscay) and Ursus had a very nice litter…after all that was done to keep him well and able to reproduce…Back in 2010, Anne came down from Finland to rescue Ursus in the Perigord Vert after I had gone to see him and accpeted to do something to help him. We were then down to Ursus and Ulysee. So Ursus went to Finland where he was happy, but not able to contribute to the breed the way he needed to…so decisions had to be taken and Paula and Anne and I decided he REALLY needed to head way west. So he did and this this the firts result.

A grandiose contribution to the breed in Canada. He is in good hands. Thank you Paula…Vegas, Anne…

Barbet_Vegas_ pups