Thinking out loud!


From having some sort of obscure medical problem profusely advertised on a social network, my little Dixie Chick de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, who is the same size as her mother Coccolina( 50/51 which is to be expected, none are 58 cms tall !)  is not Barbet-type. Therefore, any dog who is not Barbet-type should not reproduce? Poor girl has water TAN, Truffle TAN, good hips and raised a litter of Griffon Korthals, which is more than the average Barbet sold that disappears into thin air, and is apparently healthy is being criticized by her owner who picked her at birth from a litter of 10 reduced to 8 and got her first pick.

If her coat is difficult to manage, that is the problem of many a breeder who perpetrates it by mating said dog to another dog with a herrendous coat. Since the info is public and she was born with my kennel name, I do have the right to post my opinion…and dear heart has no SWD blood in her!

Will someone tell me what Barbet type is?????????A shaved 65 cms poodle lookalike?