The hypocrisy of some…breeders.

inarow_Barbets1999132Quemada never reproduced.Neither did Urquell. Barboche is Hercule di Barbochos de Reau di Prouvenco? Sangria his daughter, Locke is Verveine ( Coccolina’s grandmother) Cacao is Vincacao and the two on the right are V-litter males, brothers to Cacao.

It was just discovered that there were Barbets in the 1990’s and it has even been made possible to see what they look like 2 days ago, thanks to a social media we all know. These particular breeders are ooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuhing and ahhhhhhhhhhing the dioscovery of photographs they had never seen before. Hum. You would wonder what references these poor people had before? How far do you push hypocrisy of some? The names of them we all know, for shame.

At least those who thought there were no Barbets before theirs discovered photographs of dogs of our poor  old breed. So, question? If you have no clue what the breed looked like before you, how did you ever manage to re-incarnate it or is that how you explain what you have done to it?

Did you know the Barbet was a Griffon: hunter/gundog? Surprise?