Still making pairs!

Have a look at the article below…Of course, we have our own hypertypes who are overgrooming the breed to win shows, but with all due respect to the breed?



There is Barbet in the Briard and not at all surprising the Barbet can remind one of a Briard!This is BeGood de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, son of Thelma in the photo just out of the water! Amazing?! The Barbet being a rare breed and having contributed to so many breeds, it’s not surprising we can see the types comes out.



……….and you know that his father: Tiboubou de la baie des Landes (below), freshly groomed, at a show.bb_boubou

How breeds can be mixed ( up?) is awesome to me and that is why I decided years ago to start working on the lines we have. We are finally gertting somewhere and that is withTomasz Targowski ( and Ania’s) structural pedigree to help the breed go forward in the right direction……..which is not a Poodle type as the picture shown.

Last but not least, the Barbet, Briard probably have something to do with the Chien berger de la Crau..!