Speaking of a field…day! what do you think? Sometimes it’s best to shut up? Yep. Agreed.

Last Sunday, there were a lot of extremely excited  7th group dogs ready to work and do what the breeds does best: hunt. Several had shaking limbs ( omg) and we looked at them and looked at each other chuckling since in a certain scandinavian country, if your dog has a shaky leg, your dog is a dead dog and to be eliminated from reproduction and qualified as epileptic .Them people would have had a proverbial…fieldday telling all these breeders who attend these trials regularly and were ever so proud of their working lines and descendants! Imagine.

I wonder what would have happened to me, if I had told them people…how our breed was run abroad and expertise?

I may not have made it through that day. What do you think? Sometimes it’s best to shut up? Agreed. Let them implode alone.