Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


This is Ela Samba de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre. She was measured in her country of residence, Switzerland, at 51.5 cms. Because she was alledgedly and conveniently missing .5 cms,  the breeding commission decided that she had to use a BIG male to make BIG puppies*….the breeding commission is of course headed by the person whose dogs are there also to rescue everyone’s in the breed. Apparently, her coat is NOT curly enough either… more the reason to make sure she does not produce anything but BIG dogs with tight ungroomable frizz.

So, they are sovereign in their country and that is that.


We also  know that when there’s a will, there’s a way and we learn that a male can grow 2/3 cms in not time flat even at the age of 3 supported by his breed club when we know very well he does come up to their knees.

I do wonder how long this scam is going to continue? Well, I don’t wonder, unfortunately, I sort of know. When it’s about money, irregardless of what happens, it will continue.

So you sit there and shut up, as most do, or you play Barbet Police as I was recently accused of, by a Brit national. Now: IF I said nothing? Where would be all be? I not, but everyone else would be making Hermans Barbet moderne poodles. Voilà, voilà.

* It goes without saying that there is no mathematical documented proof or follow up on the fact that a huge male was used….what for?!