Outdoors Abergavennie: 4 months

Vennie is now 4 months old.I have not been able to weigh her, the precise scale at the vet has broken down. So, hopefully this week!
What I do know is that at 3 months, she weighed what Froguette did at the same age; Just over 9 kg.
I am accused of finding my dogs wonderful…well, this one was not born here, but I still think she is great.Love the stack. ( position naturelle)

And, if you happen to notice that I am back to writing in English, well…yes.
I was told: “Elaine…français,on y comprend rien, Elaine…this, Elaine that and seeing that no one in France is really worried about the happenings,the research, I decided to go back to a more lingua franca.

April 1st is tomorrow…so I had to change today or some may have thought I was joking. I’m not. After all, in 2006 I was the one who got the English speaking world familiar with the breed. I am going back to basics!