Out of the bad, comes the goody 2 shoes.

Soooooooooooooooo, the person who was looking to finish off the breed and make room for her favorite SWD has almost bitten the bullit and now she can not do much more to harm the Barbet, although you never know how many tricks she has up her sleeve ( from past experience with dragons).

Many have had a sampling of them tricks over the years.
Her last deed to the breed was making it possible for some to become judges and supporting them. So, now we have one whom she mentored coming into bloom. We have known that since 2009…Chi va piano, va sano.

So, it won’t be long before kissykissywhoertonguemama gets invited to judge BIG SQUARE TALL DOGS that fit with their short tail and hi-ears into a perfect square and of course IF they are not curly like poodles, then they are not worth looking at.Marquez my words!

She will have to start in Oodle country, and work her way around France to gain the best possible experience and her followers will all be there including the ones who get TANs in lieu of their dogs, and all the useful idiots who “halleluiah” praise A.I on virgins, mating a bitch twice in less than a year (welllllllll……..she only had one pup! and we need to make money while the Barbet hayshines), alledgedly first litter agressive bitches at 5.5 years and any creative pedigree that comes along, using studs with only one nut to reproduce, who champion dogs at one year (commonly called puppies) and placing only her line all over the world for “genetic” diversity, haha ( meaning most of the males in that country do not come to her line’s knees…could they be Vieux Barbets in disguise?).

Then, since Super Fonzy Five star herself has managed to start criticizing judges who supposedly don’t know what a Barbet is…….well, then:
what’s good for the ol’ goose is certainly good for them gandars.

Finally, when it comes to anyone working for the ‘ol goose decides to do the same, it should be followed by an avalanche of “so cutes, so nice”…fingers crossed, eh?

If you want to have a good laugh, hang around. Because it will be coming around, it always does if you wait long enough. I can vouch for it, I’ve been in the wings for 13 years now. Poor club.