Never in my wildest dreams.


If…10 years ago, someone had told me I would be participating in a BICP  (for retrievers) in Sologne, one of the most beautiful areas of France, I certainly would have said, “ you are nuts“.

And there we were. After a bit of hard work and training a lot ( for me)I have now participated in several BICP for pointing dogs (chiens d’arrêt) and now also for retrievers and am certainly in a better position to say what the Barbet can and can’t do here in France. Just saying a Barbet is a “chien de chasse” is perhaps a very incomplete statement,  basing it in on the wind that blows through your ears while standing there waiting for your turn.

I, myself, fought tooth and nail to get there, with of course, needless to say not a murmur of support from your dear breed club. On the other hand, would one have expected any support from them? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah. So, as usual it was as said so elegantly on a social network yesterday, ” demerden sich”.

It’s the same everywhere, in every country where you just do it for the love of the breed and the help, because there are helpful people out there, of people who understand and are supportive. More later…real life and work are calling!

Ps: Froguette and I are sitting on the left…in case you don’t see or recognize us. Thank you CP for the photos!