My mom always says..;”o, you and your dogs…!”

Since I was knee high to a grsshopper as the expression goes, I have always loved dogs, dogs this dogs that and more dogs: on my poodle skirt when I was 5 and on my scarves, plates, and cups…The Barbet was a natural for me after having only had poodles in the past.

I had to breed some for several reasons…make myself MY dogs, share some, and be with them. It’s easy to have 1,2,3 and…more.The big difference is when you have more you have more of an insight on how they get along, pecking order and just to share a part of their lives and vice versa.

I could not imagine not keeping one from my first litter, second litter and things fell into place as far as what my breeding objectives were and how I would place them.

Now I can say that one logical thing leads to the next. It’s not easy, in fact it’s extremely hard work and it does not pay anything, but perhaps the food they eat in a year. BUT then, since I can’t have anymore right now, then I do have to stop making them…


They all get along together and enjoy each other ( they have rituals they follow every day)..
Che was the only one who, to me was not happy living with dogs and her mistress and I could feel she just wanted one person to love and not other dogs but her brother. She is very happy now and I see her regularly as I try to stay in touch with all the Barbets born here.

From left to right: Vennie, Che, Coccolina, Frogeutte and brother Froggy, Thelma, Guyguy and Compay.
So, yes, me and my dogs and I would not trade any of them for anything…They’re just too great!How lucky I am.