My boucle is bouclée…

So………., the only thing I could do after having followed Ulysse since 2003  was to have a descendant of my Compay, Babaloo, mate with him and have one of the pups. Henk and Walda von der Leibrücke gave me that opportunity… and now I have Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco Barbet coming into my line, a blessing…and here she is: from last week to date! Photo with Mom Babaloo and her new family who adopted her rightaway and began showing her the ropes…of course they like to be with us alone, but they love being together.

Barbet_Iabada Barbet_Iabada_duck Barbet_Iabada_mom

Barbet_education Barbet_education2 Barbet_newtrio
Barbet_Iabada_home4Barbet_etco Barbet_education4


More adventures at Barbets en Bresse, coming up soon!