Litter coming up in Finland again: old French Barbet blood, too.


Another lovely story:Carola is the owner of both Leo and Stella.Leo comes from a litter with Ulysse. Ulysse is Ursus’s brother and I own him so he can reproduce since Switzerland said he was not “curly” enough to have descendants.Imagine treating a rare breed on its curls and not its blood. pffffffft.
(Look at Leo: does he not have enough long beautiful curls?)
Carola is also real keen on the survival of the breed, the real one. She made herself her female according to her specifications and then decided that she had to go back to Italy ( old French Barbet blood) to get a male. And there you have it. Again, it takes time, determination and a long wait to get “just” the right combination so you don’t just make/mate dogs for not particular reason( but money). Carola’s parents and I enjoy seeing each other on their way to and from Italian trips which are quite interesting …I will spare you the details, but Carola has a very supportive husband, father and mother! I can tell you first hand.

The people I am friends with in Finland are working ever so hard for the breed/ our breed , our French breed and its survival.A thought for Sirkka and Gloria… I will tell you about them real soon.They are also awesome. In fact, I’d say I only associate with awesome honest real people.No phoneybaloneys.

I am lucky to know them all.