Leonbergs galore!


This weekend in Cluny, Burgundy, France is the Specialty show for the Leonbergs.We wanted to do some socializing with big dogs and big dogs they were! Everywhere!

People from all over Europe were present, many Germans, Dutch and Belgians and all the different languages spoken. 300 dogs will be judged tomorrow. Imagine…

It takes place on a campsite and everyone is able to be together and do the different activities on the Saturday ( Tans et al). Many were catching up on the year’s activities since the last specialty show which takes place here every year, the best area to attract foreigners who just love coming back.

I was sorry we missed the parade through town with around 50 dogs walking up the main street of Cluny.

leonberg2leonberg3leonberg1leonberg4What is amazing is the fact they have hardly changed since the mid 1850’s! They used to be used very much like Newfoundlands…

They appeared very kind and obedient and curious to see our little tidbits!