I’m waaaaaaaaay behind…sorry!

I am really behind on my posts, trip to Holland, pup, gardening and new site which, by the way is a great success…  So not to put me ahead in any way, I just ran across this photo of Billabong du Pré de Rédy, another Barbet who has never been used. Lots of inquiries but the trend to use always the same studs until we run out, is still going strong.

Barbet_Billabong2012There are lots of healthy, nice, and nice looking dogs around and they are getting older and even better since they are healthy as opposed to the youngins who have it all to prove and are not given the time before they reproduce…

This is the day he was confirmed in France as he (for lack of tight frizzycurls) has been verboten to reproduce in his own country.You can also imagine that his owner is rather sick of answering requests that go nowhere in the end, wouldn’t you?