I stand corrected.

I have no problem admitting I am wrong when I am.
Soooooooooooooooo, I was told that when I said( and repeat) the club knew nothing about what was going on with the Barbet, I was wrong. They know exactly what they want to do with it: get it out of their hair. There should never have been such a big club of mixed breeds all together because the way they are treated needs to be adapted to the breed. It never has.  Now they’re stuck with it. Then:

  • The breed is not a money maker in France, no one knows what it is.
  • There are too many people problems
  • There is too much work to be done to sort it all out and the club is volunteer work, not paid.
  • No one really knows its history, so they have mostly based it on heresay.( proof being the symposium for barbet 101 followers)

The club wants someone to deal with it and eradicate what is left of the old bloodlines and work with their mixed breed.By voting for the person who represents that ideal, you are wiping the Old breed off the face of the earth.That work was started last summer and after by the “team”. That work has got nothing to do with this French breed being saved from extinction, but furthering the work done elsewhere, in re-incarnating a new one since 1980.

THAT BARBET MODERN IS NOT BEING SAVED FROM EXTINCTION…It did NOT exist before the way it looks and the way people make it look. It is a Griffon d’arrêt, not a poodle.

Last point: in Europe it is very easy to make judges buddies understand what you want them to. Judges from other countries are looking at the standard, not being influenced as they have often been( are) in many areas. I must say it’s rare to see a judge criticized on the net for having judged impartially, and not shown any kind of favoritism.

The first time judges were influenced was several years ago in a northern country. Since the French club was not consulted, they arbitrarily siad ‘ “this is it” on crooses that sometimes had no Barbet blood in them. Poofy hair ( hypertype) or shaved dogs, depending on where you are, they have become the standard for that  particular country.

You see? It’s just a question of time for bust. As far as French elections are concerned? You may have already voted. So, just remember what I said 3 years ago when you all were influenced into voting for Madame barbet, herself. The Barbet lost.

Did I ever tell you that Dr Geissant had a Barbet when he was young?Did he ever tell you? He may not tell you, but the Barbet IS close to his heart.That’s why he spent 6 months working on the Powerpoint that was supposed to be the working document last summer that got thrashed.

So, do not believe me when I say the club knows nothing. They do and they know exactly how they are going to succeed and it has nothing to do with the Barbet.