I cringe..


This is a typical example of publications about the Barbet ( which we understand is a breed) and not a generic rough coated dog that goes to water. There are dozens, if not hundreds…of these examples on different websites around the world.

I get these alerts regularly and cringe when I read them because this is a very popular belief and even  breed clubs basically adhere to it….I have for my part, been working on Barbet history for about 10 years now. French club does their best to ignore me at best attack at worst.

I am happy to see some Barbet people (I did not say breeders, as everyone can be interested) from different countries here who have had other breeds before and were perhaps interested in their history, different breeds make up other different breeds and as it has been recently said, any breeder’s duty is to know their breed “inside out” before claiming  knowledge of it.

There are very few of us claiming this history is wrong and looking for a truth we can at least live with. Claims about allergy- free, Buffon, ancient, French, lifespan, good with children, hunting dog…are believed by 90% of the “breeders” and unfortunately believed by people who buy them.Crossing breeds and claiming purity is misleading advertising and some choose to ignore it because something rare and socutesonice is more expensive….and it boils down to $$$$. As someone said recently “why does your purebred Barbet look like a Labrador”?
I am too much of a purist, I guess.That is the reason why I am still working on the history that several have already published books on, with the limited souces they have when I am so sure there is more to it than this poodle stuff. The people back then also had a reason for doing what they were doing, we are not any smarter than they are, and that is why we refer to them.