How do I do it?


I try to share as much as possible with everyone who comes her ( friends and not so), my life every day with Barbets…so the people who have never seen one can get the feel for them without having seen them ever. I think I am one of the only ones to do this as breeder photos only show titled dogs or professional photos where dogs pose. Static dogs made to look pretty is harder to feel the dog because they pick one or 2 not representative of production but appealing to the eye. It’s important for me to show how they live and when people come to visit, they immediately feel at home because they know the house and the dogs. I don’t place dogs in others’ homes to have them reproduce, I just could not do that, I love them individually, too much.

I enjoy having them around me, see how they grow, react and are.

I have a hard time having a litter and not keeping one, but am working hard on that point!One thing at a time, eh?