Happy Birthday Thelma Lou…diddouddiou also known as La Douce.


Thelma turns 11 today..and thinking back to 2002 and what has gone on since…..At least for all the negative that has gone on in the breed overall, there is a lot of positive. One is standing in the background!

Thelma is exactly as a Vieux Barbet should be in character, ability and morphology, proud descendant of Hercule and cousin to Ulysse…and don’t tell her she reminds you of a poodle.

I can claim that I make dogs for my personal pleasure and place excess..so no, I am not a real breeder and will never be! I even got Thelma in exchange for a case of Maconnais wine, so don’t be saying that we claim “Vieux Barbet”…to make them more expensive!

Barbet_Thelma2008Barbet_vieux1 BCE 2nd cat, so natural retrieving instinct!