Hail to the new Barbet club President and VP…

Elections have taken place…

Mrs Brigitte Bego Duparc is the new president and Dr Geissant, the new VP.
Mrs Bego Duparc is a bailiff and We have all been able to work with the transparence of Dr Geissant.

Congratulations to Mrs Ollier and Mrs Gatt.
Out with the useful idiots. Thank you all of you who voted intelligently and for the good of the breed, our French breed.
At least , we can now start with a clean slate. Holy snapping turtles!
A great day.

Just a reminder of the past and the fact the dr Geissant worked relentlessly to make the symposium a success and that it was torpedo-ed by team Z.Mrs loiseau elected thanks to the ex-treasurer’s 30 votes, has done nothing in 3years and should resign! Never mind there being just lagotto people on the board; It can’t be worse than before and there has been proof of willingness to help the breed rather than slander the breeders with games played behind dog backs.
So, that is said and…for those who want French:
Y’a une justice quand même...