Grooming: Froggy is done!






French Lover, aka Froggy has been groomed and washed and now smells really nice and looks so handsome. After the last hunting trial, I decided to bring him down to a hunting dog type clip that corresponds more to what a working dog should look like in the real field. The judge was a bit snickering at the looks of him in Lanty and I certainly was not going to tell him why his coat was longer!

As I saw it, 5 cms was a correct length for a working dog. Natural curls and a natural rustic look. You will see that the large tooth comb I used goes to the skin and there are no mats. I was told, back in those days, by Ms Loiseau who knew what grooming meant:

The comb must go through everywhere as it should.

I did not try to take out any undercoat because it is simply not possible to do so and anyway that is what they need to protect them. I did get all the little matts out and his skin is breathing and healthy.

You can see his angulations when he moves. His stride is long and I understand that it is also due to the pelvis ( he has a great one). Dogs with ballerina strides apparenly have some kind of complication. We’ll look at that later.

He is rather easy to keep up and brush out every couple of weeks real fast.

You can see his eyes, despite the hair being able to cover the eyes.

A dog shown in working class should look like he really works and not just a title for a dog show. So, that’s why I cut his coat down.

Bottom line, he looks like a Griffon and not like a P—-e!