Georgia: proud Mamma in Poland!

Georgia is the first of the pups of Coccolina’s last litter with Chouffe to have pups.
As in pure tradition, the litter is quite large and they are all doing well, as in pure tradition.I am very happy and proud for Coccolina, and my breeding as it has produced very consistent character, morphology, and have all been extremely healthy and most characteristic of what I stand for and the interepretation of the historical lines we are many to work for and promote. Thank you Tomasz and Ania for your devotion and hard work for the breed’s survival. That certainly is a nice contribution!

Georgia has just given birth to 11 healthy puppies. We had no problems during the labor. Most of the puppies have white marks on chests, mouths and feets. I would say de la Serve de la Chapelle d’ Alexandre style : ) Some are solid colored.


5:15 – black female, 360 g
5:30 – black male, 328 g
6:00 – black male, 320 g
6:55 – black female, 256 g
8:05 – brown female, 302 g
8:45 – black male, 285 g
8:50 – black female, 270 g
9:55 – black male, 305 g
10:30 – brown male, 226 g
11:50 – brown female, 222 g
13:30 – black female, 306 g

Having weights is exremely important to be able to compare litters and I am always happy to keep track of them for Barbet archives.

Goergia did like a pro, she was calm and steady, The first puppy was quite a new experience for her. But later she act like a real trooper and she does all the things the mom does. Now she guards the puppies.