Gatsby and Gatsby


Interesting post by the very active French Club on FB yesterday, referring to a Gatsby who has a non-standard color. I have had several people looking for him here, and I don’t know why; This is my Gatsby de la serve de la chapelle d’Alexandre, he is black, son of Coccolina and Chouffe. As guide dog, he couyld really be pink and black polka dots as he will never be confirmed in France . The dogs are picked on character criteria and not color.
Problem is, many dogs each year have the same name and when you don’t give their kennel name, it leads to confusion.
The Gatsby in “question” is a sable color with a graying coat and that is absolutely forbidden in the standard. The standard being the standard and no one can negociate it until the SCC accepts a modification.I like the color, many people do, but no one cares who “likes” and doesn’t.