Feast your eyes on this contraption.

When you do the hipscore, you really need to sedate the dog a bit, otherwise the score may be a bit off. I have had an owner refuse to do it and so the dog will never reproduce despite me telling her all about it before, anyway…. Have a look at this deal, it’s incredible.


Then, in Sweden, the vet cannot show you the print until Kennel Club has read it. When you think about all the hankie pankie that goes on behind the scenes in the dog world anywhere, you kind of wonder if it’s really your dog’s they’re reading or…and then they can tell you, “sorry, your dog has xxxx hips and so he cannot reproduce…” I have found it harder and harder to believe things as time goes on, strange, maybe but realistic.

The people you can trust?

PS, NB or what have you. I am sure each country has guidelines to abide by. I trust of course my vet, most vets, but beyond that it’s better to be safe because we’re too often sorry.

Can you imagine, I heard now that one can even play with DNA so that is not even safe.

I said I heard. I did not say it.