Club show in the Netherlands… a great day!


  French Lover   1st excellent  in working class


    60 cms

Nice/fine type

Very quiet and stable behavior

Body with enough length

Nice/beautiful head, good length of muzzle

Dark eye, good teeth

Excellent angulations in front

Some less in hindquarters, in particular, in the heels

Excellent coat

In movement  tight  in heels ( it comes from the Barbochos…)

Thelma: 1st excellent in working class





55 cm( yes!)

Almost 12 years

Sufficiently stretched overall morphology

Very good condition

Head in good proportions, dark eye

Some straight in upperarm

Good angulations in hindquarters

Good ribs, good legs

Movement for age excellent

Coat could be slightly more oily. ( she has had a dry skin propblme for several months and is taking oil to help her coat texture improve)

Now how many judges have you seen to ever take coat texture into consideration? Most interesting!

I must say that I am extremely proud of Thelma’s accomplishment at this show. 1st excellent, at nearly 12 years of age is quite a feat and shows the strengths of her line: meaning Hercule, Ulysse di Barbochos Reiau de Prouvenco ( verboten in Swissland) and all of those in the line 2 of the Barbet.( more about that when I get my head around it!)

All the dogs were measured, again as owner and breeder we know their size( and weight) and it is to our best that we agree with the size in complete transparence and not for any other reason than the breed standard.

Booly Wooly and Vennie were there too, and will be dealt with.

Coming up…I am a bit behind on posts and Portrait of the week. Please bear with me!