Blast of a past…


Looking back at past events: this particular one dates back as it says to 2001. I’m on the left with Molly. Lots of water under the Barbet rainbow bridge. I just found out recently that R Monza had gone to doggy heaven at age 12. Molly died at age 4 and Jerry who was rather old is gone, too. Not a clue about the others.

Thinking about that particular kennel, other than R Mohican* who did his job for the breed, the females were not very lucky. At the time, most everything was kept hush hush and if a line was sterile, no one needed to know and we made sure no one knew IF it were the case… and we didn’t have to erase faces off photos.
Now, people are up in arms for the slightest bit of humour, meaning these days, there’s a lot of people taking themselves more seriously?

*What’s even funnier, is that they kept Mohican because he was not curly enough to be had by anyone ( dixit an old email)! Imagine….today. What goes around, comes back around?